I’m New to Church



It can be intimidating to walk in the doors of a church, especially if you’ve never gone to church or it’s been a long time. But rest assured, you are very welcome at our church.

To assist you below are some frequently asked questions and answers


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What do I wear?   

We are a very relaxed church.  Some people choose to dress up, while most wear jeans, cotton pants, leggings, or even yoga pants.  We want you to be comfortable and be yourself.  Come as you are.

What about my kids? 

We LOVE kids.  Babies and children of all ages are part of our church family.  Children are welcome.  The best way to learn is to join in.

What if I have never attended church before? 

Many of us started attending church later in life and therefore fully understand what you are feeling.  Our Priest will explain step by step what to do during the service.

What is I am running late?

Please walk in and join in.  We would rather you come in late than not at all.  

How can I get connected? 

You can call the church, connect via e-mail, Facebook or drop by the church on a Sunday

Do you sing?

Yes many people do sing, but you do not have to.  It is your choice if you  sing or simply enjoy the music.  

Who do I call to ask a question? 

Rev Donna is more than happy to answer questions.  Rev Donna started going to church in her 30’s for the very first time.  She really understands.  Please contact her by phone, e-mail or Facebook messenger.